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Art’s Birthday 2019 in E-WERK/SWR2
Jan 12th 2019 19:00-2:00
Ulrike Brand & Tomomi Adachi & Ingo Reulecke, Mary Ocher + Your Government, Barbara Morgenstern, Marc Matter & Andreas Buelhoff and many more
E-WERK (Freiburg, Germany)
Live streaming

Voices Found: A Celebration of 65 years of Improvised Extranormal Singing
Jan 16th 2019, 20:30
Chris Tonelli, Tomomi Adachi, Ute Wasserman, David Moss, Gabriel Dharmoo
The Willows Nest, Berlin

Encounter the process
Jan 17th 2019, 19:00
Natsuko Tezuka & Tomomi Adachi, Haruka Tomatsu
Raum 205, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte (Wallstrasse 32 – Haus C, 10179 Berlin)

TPAM 声を呼び覚ます 林其蔚(リン・チーウェイ)、王虹凱(ワン・ホンカイ)
2019年2月13日 17:30 及び 20:30
会場: Kosha33(神奈川県住宅供給公社, 横浜市中区日本大通33)

Recalling Voices LIN Chi-Wei | WANG Hong-Kai
Feb 13th, 2019
LIN Chi-Wei’s Tape Music (directed by Tomomi Adachi)
WANG Hong-Kai’s Southern Clairaudience
Kosha33 (Kanagawa Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation), 33 Nihon-odori, Naka-ku, Yokohama
2000 yen (reservation required)

RWR4. Ein Abend fuer Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt
Feb 20th 2019, 19:30
Tomomi Adachi, Cia Rinne, Andreas Buelhoff, Daniel Falb
Haus fuer Poesie (Knaackstrasse 97, 10435 Berlin)

Re-enacting Archives >>Smetak’s Inventions<<
Feb 28th 2019, 19:00
Book Presentation: Julia Gerlach & Silvia Fehrmann
Concert: Tomomi Adachi
daadgalerie (Oranienstr. 161, 10969 Berlin)
Entrance free

Music from Japan – Japanese Composers influenced by John Cage
March 2nd 2019, 19:30
Tomomi Adachi : Why you scratch me, not slap?(2011) for electric guitar
Performed by Oren Fader
Also other pieces by Kondo, Ichiyanagi, Yamane, Sugiyama and Kuroda
Victor Borge Hall Scandinavia House
58 Park Avenue, New York, NY (37-38 Streets)

Tezuka Natsuko + Tomomi Adachi
March 3rd 2019, door 1800/performance 1930
Willows Nest (Friedrichshain, Berlin)

Tomomi Adachi, Nick Roth and Panos Ghikas
March 15th 2019, door 1930/concert 2030
Tomomi Adachi (voice, electronics, self-made instrument), Panos Ghikas (violin, unrealtime interface), Nick Roth (saxophonics)
KM28 (Oranienstr. 161, 10969 Berlin)

Exhibition : la voix liberee, The Liberated Voice – Sound Poetry
March 22nd- May 12th 2019
Palais de Tokyo (Paris)
Performance on April 27th

Voices from AI in Experimental Improvisation
April 18th 2019
Performance & presentation by Tomomi Adachi, Andreas Dzialocha and Marcello Lussana
Spektrum (Berlin)
Funding support by Musikfonds e.V.

Performance : la voix liberee, The Liberated Voice – Sound Poetry
April 27th 2019
Tomomi Adachi, Zuzana Husarova, Giovanni Fontana, Katalin Ladik, Violaine Lochu, Joerg Piringer
Palais de Tokyo (Paris)

Ensems Festival
May 3rd 2019
Tomomi Adachi + Mat Pogo + Marti Guillem Trio
Valencia, Spain

Lunalia Festival – Night of the Voice
May 7th 2019, 2030
Hannah Silva + Tomomi Adachi, Lia Sahin
Nona arts centre (Begijnenstraat 19, Mechelen, Belgium)

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