ADACHI Tomomi      discography

last updated 2011-10-30


ADACHI Tomomi : Interface as Notation (CD) 2011

Music with Self-made Instruments

Released from naya records (Tokyo, Japan)


Collection of self-made instruments and interfaces.

1. Tomoring, Computer (13:58)
2. Voice, The Right Hand, Computer (4:55)
3. Tomominsynthesizer II (3:57)
4. Tomoring II, Voice (4:11)
5. Tomomin II (resonating in mouth), Voice (3:14)
6. Voice, Infrared Sensor Shirt, Computer (5:41)
7. Tomoring II (15:08)
8. 4 VCOs (8:36)
9. Tomomin, Tomomin II, Tomominsynthesizer (6:41)

Recorded from 2005 to 2011. Total time 67 minutes.

Jennifer Walshe + Tomomi Adachi: Live at WKCR (CD-R) 2011

Released from Kukuruku Recordings (Athens, Greece)


Jennifer Walshe (vo) + Tomomi Adachi (vo, electronics, self-made instruments)

Studio recording on April 26 2010 at WKCR, New York

Tomomi Adachi: Early Works And Live 1994-1996 (CD) 2009

Experimental Music of Japan vol.3

Released from OMEGA POINT (Tokyo, Japan)


Price: 2,415 yen

Collection of early recordings

track 1-5: Voice and Electronics Improvisations_17'50"

track 6: Hide Kinoshita "Voice Sound Poetry Form Begun With -X-"_2'36"

track 7: News Paper Singing_1'37"

track 8-11: Violin and Electronics Improvisations_10'45"

track 12: Piano Improvisation_3'29"

track 13: Expanded Violin Improvisation_3'18"

track 14: Hoses and Pipes Improvisation_3'21"

track 15: Piano Improvisation_3'08"

Toshi Ichiyanagi + Akiko Samukawa + Tomomi Adachi:

   Live Document "Hommage for Space" (CD) 2008

Experimental Music of Japan vol.1

Released from OMEGA POINT (Tokyo, Japan)


Price: 2,415 yen

track 1: Morton Feldman_2 Pianos**_6'20"

track 2: Toshi Ichiyanagi_Time Sequence*_9'05"

track 3: Michal Kleofas Oginski-Toshi Ichiyanagi_ Polonaise in A minor "ojczyzny"***_4'42"

track 4: Improvisation_Hommage for Space***_37'23"

*Akiko Samukawa (p)_solo / **Toshi Ichiyanagi (p) and Akiko Samukawa (p)_duo / ***Toshi Ichiyanagi (p), Akiko Samukawa (p) and Tomomi Adachi (live electronics)

Photo by Matron