Selected visual poetry (click images to enlarge or play videos)


3D Printed Texts (2017-)

A special version of FMSVB is a collection of FONDAZIONE BONOTTO.


RWR was made for a legendary East German visual poet, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt. The text was used as a score of the performance dedicated to her with Cia Rinne in Haus für Poesie Berlin in 2019.

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3D Calligraphies by 3D Pen (2018-)


Visual poetry by digital drawing (2019)


Nsibidi Circuit (2013)


alphabet pasta without WORD (object poetry, 2015)


AI generated visual poetry (2017)


google visual poetry (2015)

Visual poem generated and modified by google search engine and DeepDream.


Characters might have been (2020)



Penna Writing Test (with Alessadra Eramo, 2015)

Exhibition of found or stolen drawings and performance

Presented at: “The Voice Observatory” – Errant Bodies Berlin, 8-14 March 2015

Between 2013 and 2014 the artists have collected a huge amount of pen test writing paper sheets in stationary shops all around the world, fascinated by the variety of drawn lines and written words, as if they would contain sound and movement. They are objets trouvés or objets volés that are recontextualized as graphic score and visual poetry. These paper sheets represent anonymous traces of unconscious/conscious writing. Their use is just for testing pens and most of the time people don’t intend to express anything at all. But the diverse figures express sometimes public/private statements and in some cases they even reveal deep emotions. They are approximations of letters, like “pre-letter”, furthermore they can be read as signs that refer to a linguistic and cultural background. There can be found some characteristic aspects in each country which reflect the socially constructed physicality of writing.

Tomomi Adachi and Alessandra Eramo show an installation of several hundreds of paper sheets and they create a musical and poetical vocal performance interpreting a selection of drawings.




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Word as Constellation (2007)

Written for DOC(K)S by the request of Julian Blaine

For audiatur (2007)

Published on audiatur, Norway. Based on Chinese characters.