The collective instrument is a concept on the instrument played with more than 2 peoples, not one. The instruments are consists of one resonance body. The idea is like that one person plays frets and other plays strings of one guitar. It is an experiment about the collectivity of music. The concept of collective instrument is inspired by composer, instrument-builder, Walter Smetak (1913-1984).


Y-string (2014)

Literally, it is a Y-shaped string. Each end has a bridge with a piezo pick-up, the amplified sounds will be distributed to 3 channel PA system. Originally it was made for three players.
The first video shows some playing techniques, the second video is an original composition for this instrument, which is inspired by the coordination in Christian Wolff’s “For One, Two or Three People”.



TYSax consists of two saxophone mouthpieces and  two recorders, all components are integrated in one instruments, played by three performers.







Touch Tomomin

Touch Tomomin and other skin-conductive electronic instruments (see self-made electronic instruments) are used for collective instrument performances. Several peoples form a part of the circuit gripping the hands of each other. The gripping pressure changes the sound.

at Klangkeller 2018


Reversed Collective Instruments

It has a reversed concept of the collective instruments. Some instruments form one instrument played by one performer.
This instrument has one pipe with a saxophone mouthpiece, which connected to two bells, one bell is some meters far, the end of the bell has another whistle, it makes sounds with inhaling. The pipe is also a bridge of guitar strings.