Chitei no Hibiki

Feb 4, 2023
Club Metro (Kyoto)

Musica nova Helsinki, Hietsu is Happening! & Tomomi Adachi

March 11, 2023
Hietsun Paviljonki (Helsinki)


April 1st – May 14th 2023
Two of Adachi’s videoworks are part of the Künstlerhaus 40th anniversary exhibit.
Künstlerhaus Dortmund (Germany)


2023年4月6日 1900時開演

足立智美作曲:弦楽四重奏曲第42番 -打楽器と声を伴う「蝶が猿とあくびする(パヴェル・ハースに倣って)」 初演

4500/5000 円


The Painted Bird by Ayuo, Akikazu Nakamura, Aki Takahashi, Yoko Ueno, Junzo Tateiwa, Fumio Kai, Tomomi Adachi
April 6th, 2023 1900 start
The premiere of Adachi’s String Quartet No. 42 – “A Butterfly Yawns with a Monkey (after Pavel Haas)” with percussion and voice
with the premieres of Akikazu Nakamura: “White Moon” for Shakuhachi and String Quartet and Ayuo’s suite, “The Painted Bird, Dancing in Time and Space,” is for string quartet, piano, medieval European string instruments, electric violin, accordion, shakuhachi, and voice
Suginami Koukaidou (Suginami Public Hall)  Ogikubo, Tokyo
4500/5000 yen

オマージュ と ヒストリエ

足立智美/サクソフォン族の台頭 ~アルト・サクソフォンとヴィデオのための( Sax.松下洋 ) の上演、ほか野村誠、佐原詩音、A.イグデスマン、佐藤伸輝、會田瑞樹の作品



May 1st, 2023 1900Start
Adachi’s The Rise of The Saxophones for alto saxophone and video will be played by MATSUSHITA Hiroshi, also the compositions by NOMURA Makoto, SAHARA Shion and others
Suginami Koukaidou (Suginami Public Hall)  Ogikubo, Tokyo
4000/4500 yen


Adachi’s compounded installation which consists with 3D printed poetry (3D objects), Silence on Silence (after Malevich) (digital drawing) and MAVOtek Part V (Audio/visual installation), is presented in the contemporary music festival Frequenz.

May 5-13 2023
Kiel (Germany)

足立智美  x 上野洋子 Duo

open 19:00 / start 19:30
足立智美 (voice, electronics, etc.)、上野洋子 (voice, electronics, etc.)
Permian(東京都品川区西五反田3-14-4 Kakutani レイヴァリーB1、(不動前))
料金:自由料金制 (¥1.000~¥3.000) ドリンク持ち込みOK


ADACHI Tomomi x UENO Yoko Duo

May 24th, 2023
Open 1900, Start 1930
ADACHI Tomomi (voice, electronics, etc.), UENO Yoko (voice, electronics, etc.)
Permian (Kakutani Reivari B1,3-14-4, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0031, Japan)
1000-3000JPY (sliding scale entrance fee)

Mardi Spaghetti

June 13, 2023
Tomomi Adachi (voice, electronics) solo
Montreal Canada

Opera “Body without Organs (with Organ)” NO HAY BANDA + Tomomi Adachi

June 16 2023, 8pm (w/ opening act Sarah Pagé & Patrick Graham)
June 17, 5pm (w/ opening act Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau)
 Chapelle de la Cité-des-Hospitalières
209, avenue des Pins, Montréal, Canada