This page covers Adachi’s compositions particularly for a group of untrained voices. Adachi formed “Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus” whose members were not professional vocalists, some of them even didn’t have any musical background. Adachi composed more than 30 pieces for the group, all of them are characterized by the lack of harmonies, which are regarded as the most important element of western choir music. On the other hand, they emphasized the characters of phonemes and rhythmic elements. Most compositions use asemic phonemes, it means these are sound poetry in an ensemble format. It doesn’t rely on understandings of particular languages/meanings. “Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus” was active between 1997-2002, after 2002, these compositions have been presented with a temporal ensemble, normally after some hours of the workshop for local people in many places. These compositions can be performed by anyone, it is open for all kind of people.


You find the scores of pieces for a group of untrained voices HERE (Free to download)
If you read Japanese, you find more scores HERE