Adachi explores the possibilities of new notation systems. In this page, you see videos and photos under the categories; 3D, video and graphic. Some of descriptions are given on other pages.
See also Conceptual Music and  Visual Poetry


3D Scores

with 3D pen (Ancient Chinese Experimental Music No.5)

Tactile score with 3D printer (RWR)

with Lego


Notation in VR

“Notation in VR” is a performance piece by voice performer Tomomi Adachi and programmer and media artist Hylynyiv. With reference to the concept of graphical notation a 3dimensional score was created, wherein the performer can freely move. The symbols of this score, letters, handwritten signs, and phonemes, are 3dimensional themselves, and can hence be approached and interpreted from different angles.
The interactive concept developed and programmed by Hylynyiv uses the voice as a controller, i.e. parameters of voice are translated into parameters of motion, such that the performers physically navigate the notation through their interpretation, manifesting their vocal energy as a force in the virtual space.
Furthermore, the score is reactive: some of the notational objects are, in contrast to classical notation, not pure symbols to be read and interpreted but react as well with their own sounds – thus interpreting the performer in return, as partners of musical dialogue.


Video Scores





Scores on turntables (Acusticadesca, 2019)


AI generated graphic scores (2015-2020)


On Snow (2013)


Chinese Character for Instrument (2011)


Graphic scores on T-shirts (Teslan Run, collaboration with contact gonzo and children, 2016)